Hello, I'm Hawys

I'm a designer and design researcher based in the UK

In a nutshell, I design things, systems and services. I can assist with projects at any stage of the design process, from the problem, idea, research, prototyping, manufacturing, testing or evaluating. I adopt a hands-on approach to researching and understanding the problems I'm designing for in order to create appropriate design solutions.  

We have a problem and we need help to solve it
Where possible and appropriate, I do on-the-ground research to understand the context of a problem and the root causes. This usually involves engaging real people in the design process to ensure that the solutions are suitable. 
I specialise in human-centred design, which means I focus on the needs of the people I'm designing for. This involves adopting ethnographic design research methods to help me understand the problems faced by a person or people, and to identify insights and opportunities to design solutions that truly address a need.
We have an idea that we need help to make a reality
I can assist at various stages of the design journey for products, systems or services. 
As well as being a qualified designer (Royal College of Art, Imperial College London) I have a background in mechanical engineering (Imperial College London), which means I have the skills to span the design process, from initial design research and insight discovery, through to the design for manufacture of a realised concept.

We have a design but we need help to prototype it
From low-fidelity paper prototypes to high-fidelity 3D-printed prototypes, I can assist with product design and development. I take a hands-on approach and enjoy taking a concept from an idea or sketch to a three-dimensional output, be it for a 'works-like' or 'looks-like' prototype, or both.

We're interested in holding a creative workshop
I run various workshops and also teach and tutor in design (Imperial College London, Royal College of Art). I can create custom workshops for a specific need.
The subjects I teach include the design process, design methods, creative methods, ethnographic research methods, prototyping, design drawing, anthropometrics, ergonomics, human factors, graphics, technical drawing, and I teach a variety of software including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and SolidWorks (CAD).
I specialise in design for health and care and offer consultancy in this area. 

More about me
I live in beautiful North Wales with my family and I've been a practising designer in bustling London for over a decade. I still commute to London to work. I enjoy wild swimming, hiking and I'm a novice but passionate gardener! I'm sustainably-minded, and endeavour to make personal and professional choices that take into account the environmental impact. 
I'm bilingual Welsh and English and happy to conduct projects in either language.
If you're not sure whether I can help, please get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss. If you'd like to say 'hi', that's also very welcome!
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